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Places To Go To In Chicago for Black Professionals

As a Black professional, you'd want to jump on any opportunity to draw motivation from the life story of famous Black legends. There is no better way to do this than visiting one of the several places and events dedicated to Black culture and history. Chicago is one of such cities that is stuffed with several events and places where Black history is not only celebrated but honored.

Of course it is easy to just walk around freely in the city as you'll probably do in most other American cities, but if you are an ardent follower of popular stories of black struggles and victories, then Chicago might mean more than just a tour location to you; it may just be the right place to draw positive motivation that will help you push harder to make history in your profession too. If you're not in Chicago, but want to have a feel of some really incredible achievements of a small city in overcoming a sad past of discrimination, then you should be packing your bags for Chicago now.

As a Black professional, all that you'll see in Chicago will mean more than history to you. A lot of the things you will see and learn will communicate to you at a personal level. Enough of the long stories, let's take you through a review of five of the most fascinating places in Chicago that will help you understand her contributions to Black history.


1. The DuSable Museum While there are many beautiful locations to visit in Chicago, this place specifically stands out for a lot of positive reasons. This place brings you some of the most beautiful arts and culture dedicated to the African American struggle. Started as far back as 1961 by a few other top citizens of Chicago, this museum comes top among the few institutions of its type in the country. It was specifically developed with a key intent to preserve the achievements and experiences of past American legends of Black descent, as well as interpret it to future generations to come.

Of course, as a black professional, your visit to Chicago may never be complete without a stopover to a place that's dedicated to collecting, documenting storage, and studying of special cultures and history of African Americans. With collections numbering over 15,000 pieces, there will be no one moment when you'll not learn new and useful things.


2. Black Ensemble Theater Are you in Chicago on tour or professional assignment? You would not want to leave, without stopping over at this location that's best described as beautiful. As a Black professional, you will want to jump on any opportunity to learn more about Black history and everything it stands for. Thankfully, the Black Ensemble Theater provides the perfect opportunity for this. Founded in 1976, the theater holds a special place of importance to the Black community of Chicago. It has grown from being just a small organization for collecting arts to an internationally recognized arts center. The theater is not just a leader in African American arts communities; it has also grown to be recognized as one of the country's most diverse theaters.

The main mission of the Black Ensemble Theater is what stands it out. Built mainly for the eradication of racism and all its bad effects on our nation. Take a moment to visit the only theater in the whole nation that's dedicated to fighting racism and you'll not regret any moment spent there.


3. African American Cultural Center (UIC) This center has held a lot of importance to Black people since its completion. In fact, it has been a recipient of worldwide accolades for being a modern representation of important African American history. With everything needed to spur any black professional towards being their best, a visit here will surely stage you towards being a champion for the Black race. Founded in 1991, the center has grown in popularity for being a key supporter of the academic and diverse missions of the university.

It does this especially by motivating community partners to engage in innovative social and cultural activities that boldly examines the African-American identities, their traditions, and all their creative practices through a commendable social justice lens. The center recognizes the social construction and intersection of identities and it is doing everything within its reach to bridge any available gap that's still pushing out the Black race from privileges. A tour here should open you up to all the motivation you need to create a new history for the Black people.


4. South Side Community Art Center Founded in 1940, the South Side Community Art Center located in the heart of Bronzeville has continued to cultivate fine artists' careers through the organization of numerous exhibitions, public events, community programming, and classes. It holds title as the longest existing African American arts center in the whole country, regularly showcasing arts and artists that tells the story of the Black struggle.

It has helped in the launching of several famous Black careers. Take a moment to stopover after several visits to museums and other art centers; for the perfect relaxation listening to poetry, music and other interesting arts that puts the black culture in the limelight.


5. Monument to the Great Northern Migration There's probably no place in the whole of Chicago that pays more tribute to the African American history with public art than the Bronzeville neighborhood. If you're a follower of Black History, you'd have heard of the massive movement of Black Americans from the rural south to industrial north in the 20th century. With Chicago being a major destination of the movement, the Great Motivation has been immortalized with a bronze statue of a traveling man in Alison Saar. It serves as an inspirational reminder to Chicagoans of all that the blacks helped the city achieve during that time.

Whether you are living in Chicago or simply on a tour, there's a lot to see and do in Chicago for any Black professional. You'll learn a lot from all the places we've reviewed above, grabbing the necessary motivation and renewed drive to get your career flying high. You'll never regret your trip to Chicago.


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