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Events And Places To Go In Los Angeles (LA)

There's nothing more enthralling than experiencing the thrills and frills of a city as big and wonderful as the 'City of Angels'. Los Angeles, California, is the place to be to meet up and hook up with fellow professionals often at great events and cool places. As they say, there's always something to do in LA, so being busy doesn't cut it because there are black professionals just as eager to explore this city. If you need pointers on where to go for fun, culture or relaxation, you're definitely in right place!


Southern Hospitality.
A personal favorite and termed the 'real deal' by many, the southern hospitality gets your adrenaline pumping with positive vibes. It's the ideal place for a professional to go to with some friends or meet new ones. It's not just popular among the locals, black professionals feel instantly welcome to the mini rap festival.

Who doesn't love rap especially when special guests and DJ's are invited to drop bars you can rock your head to? The meals on offer are an even bigger side attraction and you immediately feel at home in the company of fellow black professionals.


The AfroHollywood Fridays.
Sizzling hot is the way to describe this event. If you love music of the Afropop nature, this is the place for you. It offers great African sounds and Afrobeat right in Hollywood. More so, it's a weekly event which means you don't miss much and only have to plan your schedule to enjoy a great fest with the best Africa has to offer. The performing acts leave your heart thumping and your feat eager to the move on. This musical journey is great for Black professionals who want to have fun and let their hair down.


The California African American Museum. (CAAM)
Far from the hustle and bustle of the overwhelming stardust of Hollywood, is this unique and exciting place where you get to learn about history. Sometimes all we need is a 'soul connect' to find ourselves and enrich our minds with the cultural heritage of African Americans. What's more, admission into the museum is free to all visitors so you don't have to worry about ticket prices or gate fees.

Here you will definitely come across fellow black professionals who have taken the time out to know more about their roots and history. The museum places emphasis on California and the Western United States which helps you settle more if you're new in LA.


The Alta Adams Restaurant.
If you're in need of a place where you can have a date with that special person and enjoy traditional soul food, the Alta Adams is the right place to be. Located at Adam's Blvd, the food on offer is a splendid and fancy mixture of 'home-cooked' meals with a modern feel to them. It's a great way to have an awesome meal and still listen to wonderful R&B and hip-hop tunes.

The interior designs of this fabulous place are exquisite and immediately transmits an air of tranquillity that helps you have a great time. The added fact of the restaurant being black-owned makes you feel right at home.


The Museum Of African American Art (MAAA)
You simply can't get enough of the artworks and cultural uniqueness on display with the Museum of African American Art. Located at the third floor of Macy's, Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza, the art experiences are free and accessible to the public. Also, the museum is nonprofit and features the works of popular artists as well as emerging local artists who give you something to think about with beautiful works.

If you've heard about the Palmer Hayden Collection but haven't seen it, you can visit the MAAA to view the oil paintings by the acclaimed Harlem Renaissance artist. Works on display include but are not limited to the 12 paintings referred to as The Ballad of John Henry.


The Santa Monica Beach.
Well, if you're African American and haven't heard about this beach, you need to get acquainted with history. It happens to be the first and only beach open to minorities in the 1920s. This fact takes nothing away from its beauty and the relaxation it promises. If anything, the Santa Monica beach reminds you of all the reasons why you need downtime from your work and professional activities.

It's a very popular location among African Americans and the first documented surfer of African American origin, Nicolas Gabaldon, has a plaque erected to his memory. Your typical LA experience is not complete without taking in lovely sunsets and basking in the euphoria of this amazing beach. There are cool restaurants nearby, electric bicycle tours and much more organized by the locals.


The Grammy Museum.
The Grammy Museum is an awesome place to go to. The museum showcases exhibits that explore the lyrics and cultural contributions of iconic musicians such as Tupac Shakur and many highlights of Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award winners like Ray Charles. It's a really nice place to learn about the history of your favorite artist, the lyrics they wrote and the message they tried to pass on.

The museum also features a rooftop terrace for special programs and events. You might want to store that info because it can really get lit up there when this interactive museum celebrates the power and effect of music. The LA LIVE entertainment complex is the ideal place for lovers of art and music. Black.

Known as one of the best spots for hip-hop life extravaganza, the name says it all. DJ's, dancing, karaoke and much more, are features you can be sure to enjoy. The services are also off the hook and you'd seldom hear or see a bad review about this place. Simply head out to black and take some steam off and let your guard down as you get soaked in the atmosphere of fun and relaxation.

Whether you want to stay outdoors or in the lounge, the experience would provide a vast diversion from your professional life. And it's also on the Santa Monica Boulevard. To conclude, it's always good to go out and have fun. Whether that's learning new stuff, relaxing, eating or dancing.


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