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>Places To Go To In New York City For Black Professionals

There are probably no better places to go to when you want to learn about the Black culture and all that it entails than one of the numerous locations dedicated to Black history and all the struggles that have been championed by Blacks in the past. Of course the need to visit these locations even doubles when you are a Black professional.

Today in New York, most streets are littered with such interesting locations and events, making it even easier to learn about Black history and all the numerous contributions of Blacks to national development.

If you're looking for motivation and drive to pursue your dreams in fields that are dominated by hostility, then there's no better way to draw inspiration than learning about the travails of heroes of the past. Pack your bags today and head to the streets of New York for sights that are entertaining, educating, and inspiring. Once in New York City, here are five must-see locations that will help you properly understand the contributions of New York City to the country's rich Black history.


1. African Burial Ground National Monument
Start your tour to New York City during Black history month by stopping over at the African Burial Ground National Monument located at 290 Broadway New York.

There's no doubting the prominence of this place in the history of African Americans, especially considering the events that led to its discovery and naming. In 1991, construction workers while getting ready to start laying the foundation of a new federal building had stumbled on the graves of 424 Black Americans.

Well, it was eventually discovered that the site once served as a swamp-like area where enslaved Africans were buried. Then, it was called “Negroe Burial Grounds”, although it was eventually turned into a National Monument that was opened for public visit in 2010.

There's no better way for any Black visiting or living in New York City to reflect on the history of Blacks and how Blacks in the old overcame a period of bitter racism and discrimination, fighting for the freedom and equality that's now enjoyed by all. Of course this burial ground holds the bodies of some of New York's first and respected Black politicians, doctors, artists, preachers, and entrepreneurs.


2. Studio Museum in Harlem
When the tour begins to get stressful and you think you need some rest in the midst of all the hustles that a normal day in New York City is characterized with, then maybe it's the right time to go and see some really fine contemporary arts dedicated to the African American history and culture.

The Studio museum as it is popularly called is the country's first museum dedicated to arts by African Americans and for African Americans. Founded by the collective efforts of a group of local activists and artists, this museum was launched to provide special support for emerging artists of color.

The highlight of what you'll see here are beautiful colors and contemporary arts of African American legends.

3. Mother African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church


Located at 140-7 West 137th Street New York, this church holds a lot of importance in the history of Blacks in New York City. Founded as far back as 1796, this Harlem church casually called “Mother Zion” holds history as New York City's first African American Church.

Take a stroll or even a moment to worship in a church that attracted elite black scholars, politicians, activists and entertainers in the 1930s.

Ever thought you needed motivation to excel in your profession, or looking for the right drive to make an important decision, then maybe sitting where notable figures like Langston Hughes, Joe Louis, W.E.B. DuBois and Madame C.J. Walker may be the perfect inspiration for you.

Every Black professional needs to not only see this place, but have an experience of what it felt like for elite Black Professionals in the time past.


4. Schomberg Center for Research in Back Culture
No New York City's tour for any Black professional will be complete without a visit to this great historic building where they can learn a lot of things about the Black culture.

Of course the Black culture have come such a long way in New York City, and thankfully, this research building aptly captures most of the things you will need to understand everything you should about the history of African American culture and how far it has gone.

Built as a branch of the New York's Public Library, this research center have long grown into one of the world's top research facilities for studying African experiences and cultures.

The center plays host to a very popular research library and numerous important exhibits that portrays the true stories of black legends that once lived in New York. Additionally, you'll also come across events like discussions, musical performances and film series in the center.

It is a perfect place to catch up with all you want to know about the black culture, while refreshing your memory with strategies that were used by heroes to conquer their world at times of uncertainty.


5. Addisleigh Park Historic District
Looking for the perfect site to inspire you into pursuing big dreams? Then you really should stopover at this neighborhood during your visit. Apart from all the important building it plays host to, its history is the most popular reason why every Black professional must visit at their prime. Hundreds of years ago, over 400 houses were built in the neighborhood of St. Albans. The area was named Addisleigh Park, with the houses supposedly built exclusive for white buyers. Notable African Americans however would not be deterred by the discriminatory rules, forcing integration in the neighborhood.

Today, their efforts are remembered for being the start of an abolishment of a period of discrimination and racism.

No doubt, New York City stands out for all its travail and victory in the struggle against racism and bitter discrimination. No wonder it boasts of a lot of Black heroes in its history. Take a New York tour today and explore all the amazing sites dedicated to Black history and culture - Definitely, you'll find inspiration to soldier on as a Black professional after visiting these places.


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